Tone Marrone:

Tone Marrone:

Actor and Screenwriter

Actor and Screenwriter

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Note: In 2010, Tone was nominated as a candidate for mayor of Hamilton, Ontario. We wish Tone the best of luck in his endeavours, and know that he will do a great job as mayor!

Click here to go to the website for Tone Marrone's Campaign for Mayor of Hamilton

Tone Marrone was born and raised on the tough streets of Hamilton's north end. Tone found his way out of the hood through athletics.

Being a natural athlete, Tone excelled at all the sports in which he participated. He was particularly fond of football and it became his dream to play professionally.

Tone attended Concordia University in the early 80's and became an allstar center. He was 12th player drafted in the 1984 draft, by his hometown Hamilton Tigercats.

His carreer was cut short by injuries, at which point, he turned to coaching. He became a local legend in the community as his teams continually played in championships. His success didn't go unnoticed, and McMaster University and St. Mary's University soon became interested in his coaching abilities.

After coaching University football, Tone turned to acting. He has starred in many commercials for the Ultramatic Bed Company as well as many spot appearances in feature films and television series. Due for release in the Fall of 2007, Tone has the starring role in a History Television production entitled, "The Underground". He has also co-written numerous screenplays with his writing partners, Peter Tassi, Paul Bentley and Jimmy Caiazzo.

Tone epitomizes the word cool. He keeps himself in tip top shape and his youthful exuberance is infectious. This guy is the real thing.

Tone's Ultramatic Commercials (7 min, 39 sec)

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