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Peter Tassi

Author, Screenwriter, Playwright, Mission Worker

Author, Screenwriter, Playwright, Mission Worker

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Father Lou Quinn's
Dominican Republic Mission

Photographic Tour of the Dominican Republic and
Father Lou Quinn's Mission:

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Father Lou Quinn Dies

The people of the Dominican Republic, along with many people around the world, mourn the passing of Father Lou Quinn on Oct.12, 2007.
Read Father Lou's Obituary

Peter made many trips to the Dominican to work with Fr. Lou Quinn. Peter, along with thousands of others, considers Fr. Lou a saint - a man who lived out the gospels to the fullest!

People live in wooden and tin houses.

This family lives in a tim house, 10' by 15' on the side of a hill.

Families live in deplorable conditions.

Many wooden and twig houses are falling over.

Father Lou Quinn

Father Lou: Award winning internationally admired for changing the face of poverty in the province of San Jose de Ocoa Father is an 'Order of Canada' recipient and a Nobel Peace Prize nominee.

It was a great honour to be with father. I was inspired by his work, his philosophy and his great accomplishments. One feels close to God when they are in the presence of Fr. Lou.

There is no place Father will not explore. He has built up hundreds of communities and changed the life of thousands of people.

Father will built up this community by providing it with everything it needs to be self sufficient; community centres, running water, aqua ducts, schools, medical clinics and much more…

Fr. Lou builds community centres throughout the Dominican to serve as protection against hurricanes for the people of the community.

Each community has a representative that reports to Father and The Hunta concerning the needs of the community.

Father uses the heavy-duty equipment to make roads so the people can travel, build his schools and much more.

Father teaches the kids academics and crafts in his 65 schools.

One of Father's beautiful schools for the mountain children. Make sure you view the video to see the staggering and inspirational accomplishments of the great Canadian.

Father has food delivered to people in need.

The "Hunta", Father's government, meet regularly to discuss the needs of the poor and plan their re-building on the next village.

Father builds medical clinics for the people in the mountains.

Father builds a whole village of homes with aquaducts, running water, animals, lands to grow food, greenhouses and much more to give a new life to a community.

Father provides solar panels for electricity, as well as running water and latrines.

Father builds homes. Canadian kids from the D.R.E.A.M.S. program build these kind of homes for the poor.

In spite of the poverty, I learned about happiness
in the Dominican Rebuplic.

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Dominican Republic Video

Peter's Dominican Republic Video.

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Father Lou Quinn Dies

Fr. Lou Quinn, who dedicated over 40 years of his life to the poor, died Friday October 12. He was 79.

Although he was a Scarborough Mission priest who spent his life living amongst the poor of the Dominican Republic, he was always 'with us' here in Canada. His love and outstanding works changed the face of poverty in the province of San Jose de Ocoa, Dominican Republic. He also changed the hearts of thousands of Canadian youth and adults who were inspired by him and shared in his dream.

Many from Canada and throughout North America travelled to the Dominican Republic every year to help make Fr. Lou's dream come true: a dream to eradicate poverty. He was known world-wide for his works of mercy and love, and was the recipient of numerous awards, including the Order of Canada.

But for me, he was a father, a brother, friend, teacher and hero. A humble man who changed the world. Thank you Father Lou for bringing Jesus' love into our hearts and into the world.

The work of Father Lou Quinn will be carried on by the dedicated men and women of his mission in the Dominican Republic.

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