Peter Tassi

Peter Tassi

Author, Screenwriter, Playwright, Mission Worker

Author, Screenwriter, Playwright, Mission Worker

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Gut Instinct


Story and screenplay by Peter Tassi and Tone Marrone.
(106 pages)

Lost in the world of drugs and crime, Tommy Walker's life evolves around getting a fix at any expense. A teenage native son of a single mother, Tommy's existence is shattered when he is caught in an explosive collision with the authorities.

Through the mercy of the courts, Tommy is sentenced to do his time on an isolated island with his maternal grandfather, Isaac the Elder, the master canoe builder.

Isaac has a powerful affect on Tommy, who begins a new journey involving great suffering and inner transformation. Through it all, Tommy gains a great love for his grandfather and his native roots. When he discovers that Isaac is dying with cancer, Tommy is determined to help his grandfather finish the canoe and offer him a love he never realized he was capable of. Their completion of the canoe is an experience embellished in moments of joy and pain, with new growth for both Tommy and Isaac.

This new found spirituality, grounded in his native beliefs, changed Tommy's perspective on life, on himself and on creation. Tommy discovered purpose and meaning to his life and gave him the courage to reconcile his troubled past. It also gave him the resolve to accept the death of his grandfather, without the bitterness or the anger that previously consumed him.

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Beast (set in the 1950's)

Story and Screenplay by: Peter Tassi and Tony Marrone.
(119 pages)


The year is 1959, when the world was full of opportunity and optimism. Johnny Vespa, the son of a hard working Italian immigrant, gets seduced by the larger than life world of professional wrestling. Shy and unassuming, yet gifted with the strength of three men, John enters the seedy underworld of professional wrestling.

Fighting the temptations of glamour, John struggles with inner conflicts and finds refuge in his girlfriend, Kay. Johnny's life is a whirlwind affair taking him across the world performing as the "Beast".

The untimely death of his mentor, Jimmy, brings John's world to a heart wrenching climax. The Beast is sure to inspire everyone to chase their dreams and keep their integrity intact along the way. A TRULY FEEL-GOOD FILM. THE ROCKY OF WRESTLING.

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Gut Instinct

Story and Screenplay by Peter Tassi and Tone Marrone.
(119 pages)

A young girl, Veronica, runs away from an abusive father and finds herself floundering to survive as she travels from town to town. On the loose is a serial killer who picks up young girls as he makes his deliveries in his 18 wheeler rig.

Veronica, desperate to get to the next town, is picked up by this serial killer. Unlike the other's he has picked up, Veronica has a keen sixth sense and she is prepared for the killer when he makes his move.

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Story and Screenplay by: Peter Tassi.
(110 pages)

Fr. Peter is caught in a dilemma when drug dealers and bikers have brought terror and death to his parish community. When the police and the justice system fail him and his people, Fr. Peter does the unthinkable to bring justice and create a community that is safe.

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